Cash Processing & Storage Center

SPS Private Security Services Ltd offers Cash and Other Valuables Processing and Storage Services.

This service is suitable for retail companies/stores, organizations and companies operating in various sectors of the economy such as the service-providing sector, construction, hospitality, educational, the government and other sectors and specifically the banking sector.

Our bespoke services are designed to suit the needs of customers in the Retail Trading sector as well as the above-mentioned sectors of the economy, include the following:

  • Cash Transport
  • Coins Supply
  • Cash processing by sorting and counting banknotes and coins
  • Cash and other valuables storage

In addition, our services to the Banking Sector include:

  • Recycling of Euro Banknotes according to the European Central Bank regulation.
  • Retail cash supply and collection services.
  • Deposits and withdrawals from the Central Bank of Cyprus on behalf of a Bank Institution.
  • Counting and storage of the Bank's customers cash.
  • Storage of the Bank reserve custody
  • Notes Held To Order (NHTO) Scheme.
  • ATM Replenishment.
  • Cash collection service from deposit machine installed within the customer's premises