Leasing of Safe Deposit Boxes

SPS Private Security Services Ltd provides integrated security services to its customers. Always on the basis of its customer needs, our Company now provides a safe deposit box leasing service. At one time, a vault was the best way to store valuable documents and valuable items and there are a few other good alternatives to store original documents and valuables. However, we present the safe deposit boxes which are located in a specially armored space.

A space that is controlled by physical presence 24/7. The premises are resistant to fire, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Our company can provide you with safe deposit boxes for any kind of need. Access to the locker is only granted to the legal lessee and all procedures are executed under high safeguard procedures.

The company currently provides 3 box sizes:

  • Height 100 cm x Width 300 cm
  • Height 200 cm x Width 300 cm
  • Height 300 cm x Width 300 cm