Quality Policy

Our company offers a range of services which include Guarding and Patrol Services/Cash in Transit/Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Center/Cleaning Services/Cash Processing & Cash Storage Services/Installation of Deposit Machines.

The most fundamental value as well as the greatest commitment of each and every member of our personnel lies in the ability to provide services of the utmost quality. Our company’s goal is to provide services that meet our clients’ requirements, to comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and to achieve the quality goals it sets.

In order to achieve all of the above, the top management of the company has implemented a Quality Management System based on International Standard ISO 9001. This Management System is certified by CYS throughout all services mentioned above which affect the quality of its services and the satisfaction of its customers.

The constant improvement of the Management System forms a great commitment of the company and it is developed by:

  • Reviewing and continuously improvement the company’s services / products, where and when possible, as well as the efficiency of its procedures.
  • Setting targets and manageable goals regarding quality.
  • Allocating resources and infrastructure in order to ensure the efficiency and the effectiveness of the operation of each department of the company.
  • Addressing and eliminating any customer complaints regarding the topic of quality.
  • Avoiding any environmental burden from its activities.
  • Ensuring that, during the implementation of the Quality Management System, threats are identified and addressed and opportunities are utilized accordingly, through risk assessment and the implementation of preventive control measures.
  • Constantly seeking and encouraging the professional training of the members of our staff, in order to developed a positive culture to the Quality in each of the processes of the company.
  • Remaining up to date and thoroughly informed so that the requirements of legislation, directives, and applicable standards are always met.
  • Complying with all relevant measures and providing all the necessary resources so that all the conditions and instructions concerning the management and implementation of the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health regarding COVID - 19 and any pandemic announced by the said Ministry are met.

Guided by the invaluable principle of ceaseless improvement, the company invests in its human resources and respects each and every one of its customers.